Getting a New VoIP Phone Could Ring Pleasant Bells in Your Ears!

Owning a business is tough and, at the same time scary, but VoIP phones can keep your money where it belongs—in better investments and upgrades while keeping in touch with customers and clients.

Gone are the days of noisy dial-ups and slow internet speed that takes hours to load a photo, and it’s possibly the near-death of the landline phones as well. Internet has provided us access to various services, information, and latest trends too, but now, we can also contact clients through IP networks with crystal-clear audio and little to no feedback.

While VoIP Phones are commonly used in big corporations for external calls, it has become handy in calling clients for meetings. Big or small companies prefer using VoIP as a video conference equipment to ensure smooth transactions and deals despite long distances. It has made the life of some business owners easier in keeping in touch with customers and long-distance clients.

But why is VoIP the best investment you can make for your business? Here’s why:

Saves Money

VoIP lets you optimize the use of your internet resources rather than having a split cost with landline bills and internet bills. Since originally VoIP is a web-based voice transmission system, you can patch it up with a computer and even make use of the headphones and the mic. This will give your employees a hands-free experience that will help them accomplish more tasks while talking to customers. It will make them more productive as they will be able to take down notes via computer while dealing with the customer on the line. Aside from that, you will be able to track the length of the call and listen to the quality of service your employee is giving to customers without the extra cost.

Since it can’t be read as a call in the meter, VoIP calls are treated as normal data passing through. There will be no extra charge, only an optimal use of the internet connection and services. Aside from merging possible bills, it can save you more money on rent because you can then rent a smaller office space and hire someone to stay at home and update or work with you through VoIP phone.

Provides Better Call Quality

VoIP phones have been designed to make calls crisp and clear for both parties. In fact, recipients of VoIP calls will find it hard to distinguish whether you’re using a landline or the internet. Because of this, it has made its way to the top and has become an excellent way of communicating with employees and clients.

Proper Communications Management

You can use VoIP as an excellent way to instantly message other people, receive and send fax through email, provide presence information, teleconference, and video conference without the risk of delay and intermittent connection. It gives multifunctionality that lets you communicate with employees and clients without the hassle of regular landline phones.

Since it can let you talk to employees and clients whenever and wherever, they no longer need to go to your office physically. You can simply rely on internet connection and share information through conference calls.

If there will be messages and faxes, you can review them in one convenient place that you can access whenever you want—your email. It can also give you the option to archive or forward important messages with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Secure and safe

VoIP may use the internet, but it’s pretty safe; you can share important information and credentials and never be paranoid of it. Unlike old analog phones, which can be wiretapped, this modern phone has standardized encryption protocols that lets you talk to clients without the possibility of data leak. It ensures that your calls and data are secured and protected for the entire duration of the call.


Light-weight and doesn’t require that much space, VoIP phones can be set up almost anywhere, provided there is good internet connection. Since it’s so portable, you can travel around the world and still be able to work on the latest projects and close deals without the trouble.

VoIP lets you connect with other devices, like smartphones, and receive important calls on the go. You can also forward calls to another employee or colleague without having to call another number. It’s intricate programming gives your colleague a heads-up that you’re not available to receive any calls, thereby saving you both the time and effort of trying to reach you!

Provides Call Recording Services

Unlike the old analog phone that only lets you listen to a couple of old call inputs, VoIP gives you access to older calls. It can also provide durations, time, and frequency of the call. Aside from the length and the frequency, it lets you check other vital information from the caller as well. Since calls are recorded automatically, you can play back calls whenever needed.

Productive Employees

Since a VoIP phone is attached to a computer, you and your employees can use headphones with a microphone to talk to customers or clients. This will allow doing more tasks while talking and creating notes more of a breeze compared to when using an analog phone. Aside from that, VoIP actually eliminates the possibility of phone tag, an occurrence when two callers try to reach each other at the same time, making it frustrating for both parties. VoIP actually contacts other numbers before redirecting you to voicemail to avoid such frustrating calls.

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