Cisco POE Switch

The Cisco PoE switch family gives your network the power it needs to run robust and simultaneous applications with simple deployment and flexible options.

Power your video cameras, POS devices, card scanners and wireless access points with intelligent switching designed to maximize speed. Power management has never been easier with scalable, granular and optimized delivery to power where you need it most.

You'll find a range of Cisco PoE switch options to meet the needs of your small, medium or large business. Building and industrial automation appliances, point-of-sale devices, wireless communication tools and video cameras run seamlessly backed by Cisco's intelligent power switching capabilities. Simplify IP phone deployment with scalable managed power delivery.

Choose the switch options that integrate with your current setup for complete Power over Ethernet operations to maximize productivity as well as energy cost savings. If you're not sure which Cisco PoE switch option is right for you, contact the experts at Newfangled Networks for support before, during and after your purchase.

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