Cisco Remotes

A Cisco remote gives administrators the tools they need to remotely control devices from telepresence systems to telephones. Video conferencing and room controls take the work out of setup and configuration.

With easy to understand buttons, video presentations from collaboration sessions, training, brainstorming, conferencing and any other face-to-face communication flows smoothly without disruption.

Make a call, maneuver cameras and adjust audio and camera settings on the fly with your Cisco remote. Launch video conferencing and share content with a touch. Flawlessly interact with Cisco video conferencing equipment.

No matter what your remote control needs, there's a Cisco remote to give you the power, flexibility and easy integration you need. If an effortless user experience and seamless video conferencing are what you're after, a Cisco remote delivers.

Not sure which remote fits your system or gives you the right solution? Let the experts at Newfangled Networks help. You get support before your purchase and after.