Netgear USB Adapter

Cut the cord with a Netgear USB adapter. Businesses can't always keep up with the latest technology changes, but with a Netgear USB Wi-Fi adapter, you can cut the Ethernet cord to let staff connect wirelessly at an affordable cost.

Simply plug the adapter into an available USB port and old computers instantly connect. Work stations no longer need to be tied down by cables. Connecting wirelessly lets you move equipment and gives you more flexible options you didn't have before.

Netgear USB adapters are flexible, too. Simply unplug the device where not needed and plug it into another. Wireless follows the user wherever they go.

A USB Wi-Fi adapter gives your old computers a cost-effective boost when you simply cannot upgrade equipment. Producing high-quality connections and plug and play capabilities, a Netgear USB adapter is an affordable solution when it comes to wireless communications.

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