Cisco Managed Switch

The Cisco managed switch family delivers performance and configuration options to fit any large, medium or small business. The switch is the backbone of your business network, and Cisco switches provide the right combination of configurability and affordability to meet your network's demands as well as your budget.

Enjoy advanced security management and features for business-class voice, data security and wireless services. Browser-based tools give you simplified setup and configuration with advanced command-line interface options for greater control and customization.

Your business depends on an efficient, well-connected network. Everything from video conferencing to simultaneous staff use of data-intensive applications depends on how effective the network switch transmits data. The Cisco Managed Switch family is built for handling data in the most effective way to keep your network running without lags and downtime.

If a cost-effective but powerful network is what you need, make sure you build with the best in the industry. Affordable, configurable and scalable - that's what you get with the Cisco managed switch. Order from Newfangled Networks for our expert support and a 1-year warranty.

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