Network Security

When it comes to network security, protecting your business data, whether it's customer account numbers, credit card information and passwords or the details of your company's financials is a challenge. Hackers grow more sophisticated by the day. But, you can stop them in their tracks with both wired and wireless network security solutions from Newfangled Networks.

You'll find network security routers and appliances designed to meet the needs of your business large or small. Security features on select models include SSL, high-performance firewall protection, Ethernet ports and switches and wireless security.

Choose from a variety of computer network security options from systems for the sole proprietor or small business all the way up to a large corporation. Our network security appliances and routers come from the biggest names in the security industry with a proven record of keeping business data safe.

Don't let a hacker destroy the trust you worked so hard to build up. Protect your business with an affordable and powerful network system from Newfangled Networks.