Cisco 24 Port Switch

The Cisco 24port Switch delivers high-performance and reliability to build a fast network for all of your business-class switching needs.

A strong and reliable network is built on powerful components that handle the load. With a simple plug-and-use installation, the Cisco 24port Switch becomes the backbone of a robust network. Boost your office network speed and utilize bandwidth-intensive applications with switches designed to maximize data streams with auto-negotiated throughput. 

Backed by Cisco's industry-leading technologies, the 24port switch offers plenty of flexibility to meet and exceed the needs of your busy enterprise.

The Cisco 24port Switch includes a host of power-saving features, including reduced energy consumption, power usage optimization and energy-efficient Ethernet all without performance loss. Cost-effective yet powerful - that's the Cisco 24port Switch.

Order a Cisco 24port Switch and give your network the power it needs to affordably run all of the intensive applications you and your staff use without compromising performance. When you order, you get our expert support and a 1-year warranty.

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