Cisco Wireless Controllers

Control your network access points easily with a Cisco wireless controller. Manage settings and configurations to secure your network no matter how large or small your company. 

The Cisco wireless controller family includes a range of features and functions, including numbers of access points, numbers of users, scalability options, mobility choices, guest services, video stream capabilities and access control lists for the ultimate in control over network usage.

Secure your network with encrypted threat detection and simplified segmentation. Troubleshoot faster with contextual insights. Upgrade the network without downtime. Choose the wireless controller that fits your network size and put security and performance controls in your hands.

A quick setup means you're up and running in no time. Choose distributed, central or mesh deployments, detect denial-of-service and rogue access point attacks and enjoy fast and secure network connectivity.

Need help deciding which Cisco wireless controller fits with your current setup and meets the demands of your business? Give the experts here at Newfangled Networks a call. We give you support and a 1-year warranty, too.