Netgear VPN

If you and your staff remotely access your company's network, protect your business with a Netgear VPN router. You probably already have security measures in place when you're in the building, but when connecting from home or using open Wi-Fi connections at hotels, airports or the local coffee shop, you're exposing your company's network if you don't connect through a VPN.

Instead, install a layer of security with a Netgear router with VPN capabilities. Staff securely logs in to the company network through Netgear's VPN from anywhere without the dangers of malicious threats and data theft.

If you think installing a VPN is difficult, think again. The Netgear VPN is an intuitive solution that makes implementation, setup and configuration easy. Even if you don't have an information technology staff or the expertise yourself, you can set up a VPN and protect your precious business data.

Order a Netgear Nighthawk VPN router from us and get our support to make sure you get up and running as well as a 1-year warranty.