Cisco 2811 Router

Ideal for small to medium businesses, the Cisco 2811 Router supports a variety of options to move speed concurrent services at advanced t1/E1/xDSL WAN rates. Expect smooth performance with advanced security protection for all of your networking applications.

Backed by Cisco's award-winning technologies, the Cisco 2811 Router supports over 90 new and existing modules. Complete with two integrated 10/100 Ethernet ports, the 2811 takes security seriously with onboard encryption, intrusion protection, firewall and anti-virus defense configured through the Network Admission Control panel keep data safe from data thieves, hacks, malware, viruses and malicious attacks.

Your analog and digital voice calls are crystal clear without the annoying buzz. Optional support for voicemail and local call processing for businesses that rely heavily on phone communications is also available.

An InfoWorld Technology of the Year award winner, the Cisco 2811 Router is affordable, scalable and just what the busy small to medium business needs to increase productivity. Order from Newfangled Networks to get our expert support and a 1-year warranty.