Wireless Access Points

There's no question that your business and its employees need internet access to do their jobs. But, if your building is large or you have weak or no access spots, adding wireless access points is the answer.

Why choose Wi-Fi access points instead of a range extender? Range extenders work well for home networks, but wireless ap setups have decided advantages for businesses. Range extenders don't increase bandwidth. When multiple users connect at the same time, internet streams drag, and productivity grinds to a halt. Wireless access points, on the other hand, handle multiple simultaneous connections without weighing down the network.

Wireless access points also give you control over guest usage, numbers of devices allowed and provide network security in ways a range extender can't.

Easily install a wireless access point wherever your current signal is weak or nonexistent. Choose from a range of powerful yet affordable options to meet the needs of all businesses large or small.

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