Engenius Access Point

The EnGenius access point family gives you the network capabilities you need whether it's at home, a small business, a large corporation, a campus environment, hospital or anywhere else connectivity is key.

You'll find wall and ceiling mountable options for reliable, flexible and scalable applications. Simple deployment means you won't spend hours working on the installation and troubleshooting after. Optimized connectivity lets users move around within the network without losing the connection.

EnGenius access points detect network threats, including threats on guest networks, to protect from malware, viruses, hackers and denial-of-service attacks.

If you need outdoor connectivity, an outdoor EnGenius access point delivers. Wide coverage, fast Wi-Fi and expanded capacities housed in waterproof housings provide outdoor network connections where and when you need them most. Use outdoor access points for the campus quad, patio cafe or any other outdoor activity.

If you want secure and fast network connections, you need the EnGenius access point. When you order from Newfangled Networks, you not only get a 1-year warranty, but you also get our expert support before, during and after the sale.