Cisco Firewall

You can't find more effective security than a Cisco firewall. A Cisco adaptive security appliance (ASA) combines proactive defenses to guard your network against viruses, intrusion, data theft and malicious stop service attacks.

In addition to highly effective attack prevention, a Cisco firewall is easy to manage through intuitive tools that make setup and monitoring simple. Advanced monitoring keeps you informed about attempted threats and automatic actions taken to prevent the attack from spreading to the network.

With automatic threat mitigation and a variety of options, the Cisco firewall is ideal for small to medium businesses as well as large enterprises. Built by a leader in networking security, Cisco's firewalls stand up to both known and unknown threats to protect your data for a complete defensive and proactive solution.

Not sure which Cisco firewall is right for your business? Let the experts at Newfangled Networks help. We offer expert support before, during and after the sale. You also get a 1-year warranty.