Cisco Switch

Nothing gives your network more power than a foundation built on the Cisco switch. The Cisco small business switch family is built for reliability, security and the simple operational needs of businesses without an information technology staff.

Whether you need tight control over your network traffic, connections over multiple networks, easy configuration and remote administration abilities, there's a Cisco switch to meet your needs and grow as your company grows.

The Cisco family of switches includes fiber, Catalyst and Meraki switches built for any size network. Choose cloud or on-device management with configuration capabilities to control your network traffic the way you want. Or, choose unmanaged for fast Ethernet speeds, gigabit switching and simple plug and play operation.

Each Cisco switch is built to maximize network speed for high-performance business operations. In addition, the Cisco small business switch delivers optimizing power to conserve energy without diminishing the network's performance. 

Not sure which switch is right for you? Ask the experts here at Newfangled Networks. We'll find the Cisco switch perfect for your business needs and support you every step of the way.

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