Avaya Headsets

The Avaya headset solutions deliver vibrant sound, multimedia optimization, comfort and hearing protection to give users a whole new experience in acoustic communication.

An Avaya phone headset comes with a best-in-class microphone that eliminates background buzz. Your calls sound more professional and polished with astounding clarity.

When paired with an Avaya phone, the headset makes use of Avaya's patented technology to limit the effects of long-term sound exposure that damages a user's hearing over time.

Avaya wireless headset options give users mobility and the freedom of hands-free use. Meeting the demands of busy call centers, reception areas, executives, professionals and any staff who spends a lot of time on the phone, an Avaya headset offers comfort, clear sound and reliability.

Easily manage firmware updates, communication equipment and soft client integration with one-click. The quick-connect feature allows users to add supervisors or another party to in-progress calls for seamless operation.

Avaya headsets give your business the professional capabilities it needs to handle voice communication with innovative and best-in-class technology. Order from Newfangled Networks for a 1-year warranty and expert support.