Learn How to Set Up Your Videoconference like a Pro

Knowing how to ace a videoconference meeting is a vital part of modern-day remote-work setups. Yet it seems like there’s too much concern over how to act while on the camera but not enough information when it comes to fixing the most frustrating technical issues that often come with setting up a video call.

You’ve seen it. The clock ticks nine, everybody turns their cameras on, the feed comes alive. Then out of the blue, the signal fails, static starts to fill the screen, the audio is a nightmare, and before long, the whole affair is a disaster.

Communication is a vital part of your work process, especially if you solely communicate with your associates via videoconferences. So why the information drought?

Seeing the crucial need to fill this lack, telecommunications and networking firm Newfangled Networks gives you a direct and informative visual guide that hits the nail right on the head. Everything from videoconference demographics, to managing outbound traffic, to finding the right combination of videoconferencing tools is included in this visual guide.

This infographic gives you clear answers to the most common questions about videoconferencing setup, especially how to fix bandwidth issues and optimize the quality of your audio and video feed. This guide also introduces you to the basics of testing your equipment and figuring out the best formula for achieving the best quality of video streams.

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