Most of us seek premium quality sound when listening to our music selections. But the truth is, if you’re using $19.99 headphones that you purchased at a discount retail establishment, it is impossible to appreciate the rich tonal balances and dynamic ranges of your favorite artists. 

The good news is that audiophiles like yourself are not alone in seeking headphones that capture that high definition realistic sound. Thus began the quest of a famous hip-hop artist and record producer for professional sounding personal listening for all.

Famous hip-hop artist, Dr. Dre along with notable pop music producers, Jimmy Iovine and Luke Wood, formed Beats Electronics where they researched and experimented with speaker technologies that resulted in their first highly successful Beats headphones Studio model in 2008. This brand featured a high-powered digital amplifier and noise cancellation system, resulting in premium sound quality that could once only be heard in the recording studio.

Beats continued with the release of several models of their famous headphones, including a unique line geared to iPods and iPhones called iBeats. While lower in price, the iBeats line does not skimp in quality and carries the same signature enhanced bass response. The iBeats features a diamond-shaped ControlTalk remote and mike for volume and phone answering. PCMag reports the pros of these headphones as having a strong bass response, substantial power, and a secure fit. Additionally, they are described as “best showcased with modern pop, hip hop, and rock mixes, where the low end boost feels more natural and the brighter highs feel more appropriate.” 

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