The Bluetooth revolution is in full swing as more wireless technology comes on board.  We are familiar with Bluetooth keyboards, hands-free car phone systems and mobile phones with wireless headsets.  Most of us have learned the meaning of "pairing" Bluetooth enabled devices. The freedom this technology offers will guarantee new innovations in the coming years.

The Bluetooth website informs us that they now have over "17,000 Bluetooth SIG member companies" which explains why we are seeing it advertised everywhere and included in all kinds of wireless technology.  It also explains all those people we notice these days that seem to be engrossed in conversation with themselves.

There are some other very good reasons to explore the latest bluetooth headphones and earbuds on the market today.

  • Better Sound Quality

Most Bluetooth headphones offer bass-boosting and noise-canceling technology and offer superior sound quality to the over-the-head type earphones.  When the technology was first introduced the sound quality left something to be desired but now the technology has evolved and the sound quality has been greatly improved.

  • Cut The Cord

When freedom of movement is important to you in your work, the absence of a cord can mean greater ease in doing your job and less distraction created by tangled wires and having your earbuds ripped from your ears when you reach the end of the line.  For people who listen to music while they exercise, this technology is a definite benefit.

  • Make Life Easier

There is no doubt that the typical phone handset can mean restricted movement when you try to hold a phone conversation while multi-tasking. Many of us conduct our business over the phone while entering data into a computer.  This technology means no more stiff necks when trying to hang on to that phone handset while typing.  Most Bluetooth enabled devices also offer one touch connection and disconnection which also frees up your hands for other tasks without returning to your desk.

The future of the wireless device and Bluetooth technology is wide open and you can expect to see more devices in the near future that will help boost your quality of life.  They are also becoming more affordable and are definitely much more stylish that those original little black boxes we hooked over our ears. 

When you are looking for ways to free yourself from those cords contact us for the best selection and the lowest prices on the best technology available today.



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