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This just came in so we thought we'd share it. ;)

Dear folks at Newfangled Networks,

I just had to write a note and tell you how much we like our new ip phone and about our near communication disaster.

I wondered what all the dang racket was outside our office at 5:30 in the morning. Me and my partner Ned have a fishing guide service in some of the best trout country in Montana. I was only on my 8th cup of coffee so I'd hardly woke up yet. I stood up and started for the door to check the noise and see just what the heck Ned was up to. I tripped over "Caddis" the office mutt, caught the toe of my boot in a tangled up pile of fish line and fell face first into Caddis' doggone water dish. Well, that sure got me awake. When I got outside, Ned had just tossed a gallon of high octane airplane fuel from our guide plane onto a pile of wood about 5 feet high and was about to light up a towering inferno of a bonfire. I wiped the dog water off my face and said  "Wait a darn minute Ned, what the blazes are you doin' starting this bonfire outside the office at 5:30 in the morning." Ned says to me, "What do you think I'm doin' I need to get a message to one of our clients at the lodge about today's guide trip and the danged cell phone you wanted to use in the office instead of that 'old fashioned' land line has got a dead battery again. I"m gonna send a smoke signal with this here fire." "Hold on jest a minute Ned, I got a new ip phone in a box on the desk from Newfangled Networks. It came in a delivery while we were on the river yesterday." Ned says to me, " Why didn't you say something earlier, you could have saved me the trouble of stackin' all this wood and this aviation gas is 6 bucks a gallon."

"Never mind that," I says, "Just put out that blowtorch before you light that thing and blow both of us and that worthless Caddis mutt to kingdom come." 

That's how we almost never got to try this newfangled phone I got from your company.

Me and Ned love this phone. It does everything except feed Caddis and tie a fly on your line. We found that in addition to all the stuff any land line or cell does like voice mail and the rest, we can put a call on hold and pick it up anywhere there's an internet connection. When Ned or Caddis does something dumb like burn the office down we can move anywhere and keep our phone number. Even if we go to another country like New Zealand, where I hear the trout are big as dolphins. We can have calls ring at several networks at once. The office, the lodge and even the outhouse. And, it's cheaper than firewood and all that av gas Ned was gonna use to get the fire lit fast.

This thing is like a little computer too! We can get apps for stock quotes, exchange rates, flights, news and weather, and most important, the fishin' report. When Ned is tongue-tied tryin' to talk to a girl he can text her on it and we can get voice mail messages emailed to us. It'll even do video conferencing so Ned can see my ugly mug chewin' him out for sinkin' our brand new drift boat.

Heck, thanks a lot Newfangled we just love this ip phone.

P.S. Hello from Caddis. 

Just a quick reminder from us at Newfangled. Please feel free to up and contact us any old time and we can save you a lot of money and aggravation with communications and a whole heap of other high tech needs.

Ip phoneVoip

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