Router Bundle - C1941, Waasx

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The C1941-WAASX-SEC/K9 by Cisco is here with us. We've kept it secret, kept it safe.

You'll be pleased to learn that this item has been Fashioned by the elves of Rivendell, has been imbued with moon beams, and sparkles with the light of a thousand stars. OK - maybe not, but that would be cool - right? It is definitely New, though!

We've had no reports of this item causing spontaneous temporal displacement, but if you have concerns about this (or anything else) please reach out to us (we'll check with Al).

Ah, well. That's about enough rambling out of us. Feel free to look around - we're here if you need us (or a Cisco C1941-WAASX-SEC/K9)!