Polycom HDX Mica Microphone Array

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For a microphone used for conference rooms, the Polycom HDX Mica Microphone Array has a strange power to it. It possesses a thrall much like Dracula would and can make anyone do what it pleases. But unlike the dark prince, the Polycom HDX Mica Microphone Array would never use this power for evil - ever. It’s responsible with this sway it has over others and would never abuse it. At least, we hope it never would, because that would kinda suck. It would probably get so powerful it would conquer the world.

Maybe the secret to its power lies in its features and attributes. For example, the Polycom HDX Mica Microphone Array has powerful high-fidelity 360-degree coverage and 22 kHz of high-fidelity audio. This might sound surprising, but these qualities can seem quite seductive to most people in person. That’s why you should be careful not to get carried away when you get your hands on your own Polycom HDX Mica Microphone Array. If you’re not, your entire life will be centered around a conference phone extension mic. Would that be healthy? No, we don’t think it would. That’s why we’re warning you up front not to lose your head over this particular microphone array. We’ve seen it happen to a lot of folks and we don’t want to see it happen to you.

Now that we’ve said that, we encourage you to order one right away! Just add one to your cart and your whole life will change...hopefully for the better if you took our advice to heart.

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