Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter

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The Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter will change your life.

This isn’t an empty claim we’re making on our part to coax you into ordering it. We almost wish it was. Because when you have this handset lifter hooked up to your telephone, it not only lets you answer calls with a simple touch of a button, it also gives you the power to look past the hidden layers of reality to see the interdimensional beings us humans call “angels”.

This is ideal for situations where you need to see if your own “guardian angel”, for lack of a better term, is actually by your side. Or to just see what’s going on behind the scenes of life in general. We don’t want you to think that the angels look like Nicholas Cage or anyone else who portrayed them in the forgotten late ‘90s blockbuster film City of Angels. They really don’t. (Be glad.) But, like the rest of the world at the time of its release, real life “angels” do enjoy the official soundtrack quite a bit. Especially that one song by Alanis Morissette. You know which one we’re talking about. That one where she’s all angsty and sad. No, not that one. No, not that one either. Never mind. Forget we brought it up.

Oh yeah. We should probably mention that the Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter is designed to work with Cisco products such as the CS70N, CS50, CS55, Voyager 510S, and the SupraPlus Wireless headset. That’s good to know. But mostly, we think this device is worth bringing into your office because of the whole “seeing past the veil” thing. We know you will too once you order one for yourself and open your mind a little.