Juniper SRX210H-POE Services Gateway

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After the ancient stone door of the old temple had swung open, we dated to read the inscription etched into the wall behind it - out loud.


What happened next was something none of us at Newfangled Networks were prepared for.

We were transported to an alternate reality where bread was outlawed.

Sourdough, English muffins, baguettes, focaccia, milk toast, pumpernickel - all loaves of any kind were not allowed and were immediately burned. If you were found with this contraband, you would be forced to fight in a televised game of survival with other bread smugglers in an abandoned airport known as The Bread Box.

We got out of The Bread Box alive, and we took the fabled Juniper Firewall VPN SRX210 with us. Now we can switch between this world and the Anti-Bread World freely, whenever we want to, to aid The Insurgence and give refugees a bagel to eat now and then.

You can buy your own replica of the Juniper Firewall VPN SRX210. It won’t be able to transport you to Anti-Bread World, but it will protect your branch office network with its powerful VPN capabilities. It’s also got Power over Ethernet (PoE) features as well, and antivirus defense that’s downright legendary. But trust us, unless you really want to cut down your carbs, it’s best you stay out of Anti-Bread World.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go eat a breadstick and enjoy our natural born freedom to do so. Fight the power!

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