Genuine Cisco Snagless 6 Foot Yellow Patch Cable (72-1482-01)

Genuine Cisco Snagless 6 Foot Yellow Patch Cable (72-1482-01) Loading...
$7.99 (was $19.99)

We did have to cut a deal with the Morlocs to procure the 72-1482-01 by Cisco. Don't worry - it only cost us a couple of warehouse workers.

You'll be pleased to learn that this item has been Fashioned by the elves of Rivendell, has been imbued with moon beams, and sparkles with the light of a thousand stars. OK - maybe not, but that would be cool - right? It is definitely New, though!

Unfortunately this item is most certainly *not* capable of warping space-time, so we don't think you'll be using it to travel at superluminal velocities any time soon. We would, however, be happy to tell you what else it can do - just ask!

We've just had some troubling news from the Night's Watch. We'll be atop The Wall if you need any further assistance with the Cisco 72-1482-01 (or anything else!).