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The Cisco Systems AS54-DFC-CC= Expansion Module used to be in a New Wave synth band called Knockwurst. We heard some of their stuff on YouTube, it was catchy. Their stuff made you want to move your body but they kept things minimalistic enough to appreciate even when you’re not on the dancefloor. That’s the kind of music we like. Knockwurst’s biggest hit single was “Support 60NP”. There were no lyrics, just a pulsating synth beat driven by a twangy guitar melody and a tempo that fluctuated breathlessly up and down, back and forth, up and down. We dug it a lot. We wish they kept music.

But the Cisco Systems AS54-DFC-CC= Expansion Module is doing bigger things with its life now than making all future and current hipsters feel cool for listening to its experimental music. It’s now a carrier card that supports 2 DFC cards in in a Cisco AS5350, AS5400, and AS5400HPX. (Oh, and also equivalent to AS535-DFC-CC.) Just like its best known hit, the Cisco Systems AS54-DFC-CC= Expansion Module actually does support 60NP. It even supports 108NP now, as well as 2, 4 and 8 port trunk cards. But it won’t ever be compatible with the Cisco AS5350XM/AS5400XM, so don’t ask.

So if you buy your own Cisco Systems AS54-DFC-CC= Expansion Module, try not to bring up its past as a New Wave music pioneer. It might get nostalgic, or fussy, or offended, or all of the above. We try not to bring it up much. But its music gets stuck in our head so often, it’s hard not to. Knockwurst forever, man! Whoo!