Cisco Syst. Catalyst 4500 7-Slot Switch ( WS-C4507R )

Cisco Syst. Catalyst 4500 7-Slot Switch ( WS-C4507R ) Loading...
$1,995.00 (was $9,995.00)

We've just returned from our latest temporal adventure and are happy to report that we now have the WS-C4507R by Cisco courtesy of the Daleks. Nice chaps - A bit obsessed with extermination, though. We're sure they won't notice it has gone missing.

Recently our support team has been getting calls from this Austrian fellow. Each time he asks us if this item is new - we tell him it is. He then immediately asks to speak with Mr. Connor - we tell him John doesn't work here anymore. He then hangs up stating that he'll be back. Weirdo.

We've had no reports of this item causing spontaneous temporal displacement, but if you have concerns about this (or anything else) please reach out to us (we'll check with Al).

We'll be here preparing for our next intergalactic product sourcing expedition if you need us - gotta keep the shelves stocked with lots of Cisco WS-C4507R. Feel free to browse!