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The Cisco Syst. 1PORT FAST ENET 100BTX PORT ( PA-FE-TX ) has what it takes to stop the evil corporations that will run the future of humanity with fists of iron and goblets full of blood. But fake, metaphorical blood. Not actual blood because that would be kinda gross and downright inhumane, don’t you agree? But still, this piece of hardware is an essential part of anyone’s plan to overthrow these mega-corporations that will continue to brainwash everyone in the world with computer generated propaganda. It’s part of the oncoming uprising, a group of ragtag freedom fighters who dedicated their lives to ending the tyranny of megacorps.

But what can the Cisco Syst. 1PORT FAST ENET 100BTX PORT ( PA-FE-TX ) do for us in the here and now? Glad you asked! This once and future resistance member is a present time adapter card for all Cisco 7000 series routers. It has a single yet reliable high speed/fast ethernet RJ45 interface for those of you who are into that sort of thing. It’s okay, we totally are. And on top of that, it’s just so dark compact and easy-to-install into your any Cisco 7206VXR, 7204VX$, 7300, and 7600 routers. Talk about convenience!

So if you’re looking for that extra piece of hardware to beef up your wireless routing system and you’re also thinking in the long term (and we’re talking, like, post-apocalyptic long term here) then give the Cisco Syst. 1PORT FAST ENET 100BTX PORT ( PA-FE-TX ) a shot. We have faith that it won’t let you down. Especially when it comes to fighting the power.

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