Cisco PWR-RPS2300 Rps 2300 Chassis with Blower

Cisco PWR-RPS2300 Rps 2300 Chassis with Blower Loading...
$169.00 (was $1,200.00)

The PWR-RPS2300= by Cisco is here with us. We've kept it secret, kept it safe.

We'd like to thank Stark Enterprises for the new automatons we have handling all of our New products in the warehouse. Apparently they're based upon some new "infinity stone" technology. They're great! They do seem to be getting a bit opinionated, however.

We've had no reports of this item causing spontaneous temporal displacement, but if you have concerns about this (or anything else) please reach out to us (we'll check with Al).

A new shipment of droids has just arrived and we must head over to inspect them. Call out if we can still be of assistance with the Cisco PWR-RPS2300= or anything else!