Cisco PWR-2801-AC-IP= Power supply - for Cisco 2801, 2801 V3PN

Cisco PWR-2801-AC-IP= Power supply - for Cisco 2801, 2801 V3PN Loading...
$148.95 (was $246.00)

You wouldn't believe what we had to go through to get our hands on the PWR-2801-AC-IP= by Cisco. Let's just say it involved a pair of ambiguously amorous FBI agents, their chain-smoking and conspiratorially corrupt superior, and suspicion of extra terrestrial activity. Just our typical day at the office!

We've run this thing through the transporter array a few times and can confirm that it is in fact New, and not infected with any foreign alien matter. That's what they tell us down in engineering, anyway. We really should check in with those guys to see if they've resolved their Tribble problem.

While the technology employed by this item is decidedly advanced, we can confirm that it was not covertly designed by the Cylons as a backdoor into our global defense systems. If you have any other grave concerns about this item, please let us know.

We'll be back and forth through our Stargate here as you look around. Just make sure to grab us on this side of the universe if you need help with the Cisco PWR-2801-AC-IP=, or if you have a question on anything else!