Cisco PA-MC-STM-1SMI One Port Multichannel Port Adapter

Cisco PA-MC-STM-1SMI One Port Multichannel Port Adapter Loading...

The PA-MC-STM-1SMI= by Cisco was hard to come by - but we have it! We just narrowly escaped an attempt by the Mangalores to commandeer our ship and steal our cargo. With a little help from Corban, of course - not your typical cab driver, that's for sure!

Hey - do you ever feel like big brother is watching you - wherever you go? We kind of think that's how our inventory feels. You know - if it *could* feel. Only new inventory here - anything else "disappears" in the night. Isn't that right Winston?

What's the deal with Flux Capacitors - and why is 88 miles per hour the sweet spot for initiating Delorean-powered time travel? We'll admit - we just don't know. But we can tell you lots about this item! Go on - try us.

We're off to count our inventory of Cisco PA-MC-STM-1SMI= again. You can never be too accurate! Holler if you need us.