Cisco EtherSwitch Service Module - switch - 23 ports ( NME-X-23ES-1G-P )

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We did have to cut a deal with the Morlocs to procure the NME-X-23ES-1G-P by Cisco. Don't worry - it only cost us a couple of warehouse workers.

We'd like to thank Stark Enterprises for the new automatons we have handling all of our New products in the warehouse. Apparently they're based upon some new "infinity stone" technology. They're great! They do seem to be getting a bit opinionated, however.

We're sure you have some burning questions - I know we do. Like what is *really* beyond The Wall? Ask quickly! Winter is coming.

Our Infinite Improbability Drive is on the fritz again - so we're off to take a look (that thing really wreaks havoc in the warehouse). Give a whistle if you need any additional help with the Cisco NME-X-23ES-1G-P - or anything else!

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