Cisco DS-SFP-FC-2G-SW SFP Module - SFP

Cisco DS-SFP-FC-2G-SW SFP Module - SFP Loading...

We've just returned from our latest temporal adventure and are happy to report that we now have the DS-SFP-FC-2G-SW by Cisco courtesy of the Daleks. Nice chaps - A bit obsessed with extermination, though. We're sure they won't notice it has gone missing.

It is true that we occasionally have difficulty importing shipments of our New products due to Imperial blockades. Fortunately, we know a guy with a ship capable of making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Good guy - bit of an ego problem.

We're sure you have some burning questions - I know we do. Like what is *really* beyond The Wall? Ask quickly! Winter is coming.

Our Infinite Improbability Drive is on the fritz again - so we're off to take a look (that thing really wreaks havoc in the warehouse). Give a whistle if you need any additional help with the Cisco DS-SFP-FC-2G-SW - or anything else!