Cisco CTS-1300-65 TelePresence 1300 Video Conferencing System

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The Cisco CTS-1300-65 TelePresence 1300 Video Conferencing System (or, as we like to call it, “The System”) is a powerful tool that any office can use to transform the way it communicates with its staff members by creating an immersive, all-encompassing teleconference experience using state-of-the-art, multimedia rich equipment.

But most of’s also fun to broadcast puppet shows with!

Think about it. Wouldn’t your remote location co-workers love to see you put on a Punch and Judy style performance with big fuzzy puppets running around and whacking each other with stuffed baseball bats? We know we would. We tried doing this once on a teleconference to our board of directors, and, well, that didn’t go over too extremely well. But don’t let that stop you! They just weren’t expecting it, is all. If you set the expectation that there will be puppets, those on the other line will be more receptive. That’s what our counselor told us, anyway.

So...where were we? Oh yeah. The Cisco CTS-1300-65 TelePresence 1300 Video Conferencing System itself, not the puppet shows you can theoretically broadcast on it. Gotcha. So this has a 65-inch screen and can support meetings with up to six people (which means 12 puppets) in a regular sized conference rooms. All participants will look life size on the screen, and the integrated lighting feature produces high-quality natural looking video by getting rid of facial shadows. There’s also that neat little automatic voice-activated switching thing. So you you better start learning how to throw your voice now...

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