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How many people named Jessica do you know? Us, we know about three. Extensive scientific research suggests that the average person knows at least 2.5 Jessicas. Crazy huh? But some of us out there know more than just 2.5 Jessicas. Some of us know six Jessicas, others eight. We met this one guy once who had twelve Jessicas in his life - twelve! That’s too much. If you yourself happen to be experiencing Jessica overload, no worries. There are easy ways to deal with it. For instance, you can buy a Cisco CP-7921G-BUN-K9 Wireless IP Phone incl. Phone, Battery,Charger/Adapter. How will this help with scale down the Jessicas that are overtaking my life, you ask? It’s simple!

When you own your very own Cisco CP-7921G-BUN-K9 Wireless IP Phone, you’re not just getting a top notch, high-quality desk phone for your office. You’re also getting an powerful tool that will help you determine which Jessicas are worth keeping around in your life and which ones you should start phasing out. This alone makes the Cisco CP-7921G-BUN-K9 Wireless IP Phone worth its weight in gold (or plastic). All you have to do is pick up this wireless IP phone’s receiver and start punching in the secret code that will connect you with a secret branch of government that specializes on helping you find out which Jessicas are professionally licensed Jessicas and which Jessicas are not. This will simplify your life greatly, clearing up more mental bandwidth for you to know people with other names that aren’t Jessica. Thanks, Cisco CP-7921G-BUN-K9 Wireless IP Phone!