Cisco 877 ADSL Over POTS Router

Cisco 877 ADSL Over POTS Router Loading...
$229.00 (was $649.00)

We did have to cut a deal with the Morlocs to procure the CISCO877-K9 by Cisco. Don't worry - it only cost us a couple of warehouse workers.

You know what we hate? Crummy cop-out endings. You can't lead with smoke monsters, polar bears, and a tropical island capable of time travel and then end with "oh yeah - it was basically all a dream." What a disappointment! That's why we carefully screen all our inventory to ensure *you* end up with the New product happy-ending you were expecting.

Although we don't possess the clairvoyance of the Kwisatz Haderach (the spacing guild cut off our melange supplies eons ago - probably for the best), we're still eager to assist with any questions you may have. If we don't know the answer, we'll check with our resident Mentat.

A new shipment of droids has just arrived and we must head over to inspect them. Call out if we can still be of assistance with the Cisco CISCO877-K9 or anything else!