Cisco ATA186 ATA186-I1-A Analog Terminal Adaptor Unlocked

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There once was an unlocked analog terminal adaptor made by Cisco. It was the fairest handset-to-Ethernet adaptors of them all. It the magical power to turn any telephone device into an IP device. It brought joy to so many workers in so many offices around the world, dazzling them with their new and exciting IP telephony applications. Young and old alike were won over by the Cisco Analog Terminal Adaptor 186 and how it was such a reliable communication device that  delivered true, next generation voice-over-IP (VoIP) terminations to all the office branches in the kingdom.

The Cisco Analog Terminal Adaptor 186 was such a remarkable ATA that it had two voice two voice ports that could have their own independent telephone numbers. (Gasp!) And a single 10BaseT Ethernet port. (Swoon!) It was designed to make the best of existing Ethernet LANs, in addition to broadband pipes such as digital subscriber line (DSL), fixed wireless, and cable modem deployments.

The Cisco Analog Terminal Adaptor 186 transmuted any ordinary analog telephone into an IP device from the gods. That’s why it’s one of Newfangled Networks preferred solutions for those who connect to enterprise networks of small offices or magic castles in fairy tale kingdoms.

Now you can have your own Cisco Analog Terminal Adaptor 186 and relive the magic of your favorite bedtime story over and over again. Do you want to hear it one more time? Okay, but then you really have to go to sleep…

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