Cisco Asa 5505 Unlimited User Bundle (ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K9)

Cisco Asa 5505 Unlimited User Bundle (ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K9) Loading...
$1,299.00 (was $4,000.00)

We almost lost our latest shipment of the ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K9 by Cisco. It was traveling aboard the Nostromo when we lost contact. The fate of the crew is not clear, though we believe parasitic chest-bursting alien creates were involved. Fortunately, our salvage crew was able to retrieve the shipment. They had a brief run-in with some unidentified creatures aboard the ship - but we're sure they're totally fine.

Reports that this item belonged formerly to a Mr. Wiggin are patently false (It's New). It is theoretically possible, however, that he designed it off-world some time in the far distant future and beamed the schematics back through time (and space) via tachyon transmission. Unlikely - yes, but *possible*.

You'd like to know the meaning of life, the universe, and everything? No, I'm afraid we're just as lost as you on that one. But we do know an awful lot about this particular item - ask us anything.

We're off to count our inventory of Cisco ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K9 again. You can never be too accurate! Holler if you need us.