Cisco AP1220/1230 Mounting Kit (Not 1242) AIR-AP1200MNTGKIT

Cisco AP1220/1230 Mounting Kit (Not 1242) AIR-AP1200MNTGKIT Loading...
$29.99 (was $49.95)

We did have to cut a deal with the Morlocs to procure the AIR-AP1200MNTGKIT by Cisco. Don't worry - it only cost us a couple of warehouse workers.

It is true that we occasionally have difficulty importing shipments of our New products due to Imperial blockades. Fortunately, we know a guy with a ship capable of making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Good guy - bit of an ego problem.

Now sometimes finding the answers you seek involves joining up with a motley band of dwarves, stealing a precious ring from a cannibalistic quasi-human cave-dwelling creature, and nearly getting roasted alive by a cruise-ship-sized fire-breathing dragon. Other times, you can just ask. We're big fans of just asking.

A new shipment of droids has just arrived and we must head over to inspect them. Call out if we can still be of assistance with the Cisco AIR-AP1200MNTGKIT or anything else!