Cisco Aironet 802.11a/b/g Wireless Cardbus PC Card ( AIR-CB21AG-A-K9 ) - New

Cisco Aironet 802.11a/b/g Wireless Cardbus PC Card ( AIR-CB21AG-A-K9 ) Loading...
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We almost lost our latest shipment of the AIR-CB21AG-A-K9 by Cisco. It was traveling aboard the Nostromo when we lost contact. The fate of the crew is not clear, though we believe parasitic chest-bursting alien creates were involved. Fortunately, our salvage crew was able to retrieve the shipment. They had a brief run-in with some unidentified creatures aboard the ship - but we're sure they're totally fine.

Recently our support team has been getting calls from this Austrian fellow. Each time he asks us if this item is new - we tell him it is. He then immediately asks to speak with Mr. Connor - we tell him John doesn't work here anymore. He then hangs up stating that he'll be back. Weirdo.

We've had no reports of this item causing spontaneous temporal displacement, but if you have concerns about this (or anything else) please reach out to us (we'll check with Al).

We've just had some troubling news from the Night's Watch. We'll be atop The Wall if you need any further assistance with the Cisco AIR-CB21AG-A-K9 (or anything else!).