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$234.00 (was $589.41)

There’s no doubt about it. The Cisco Aironet 1141N Access Point is classy. It’s a business ready, 802.11n access point designed for simple deployment and overall energy efficiency. Sounds swanky, don’t it? Well it is. It’s so prestigious  that we wonder how it can stay in one place for so long just to direct your internet traffic without the paparazzi coming in and taking a bunch of pictures. (In all honesty, we think they don’t because even if it is fancy as heck, it’s not that visually exciting.) But it does what it’s supposed to do, even if its stature is higher than anyone or anything we know.

The Cisco Aironet 1141N Access Point offers at least six times the throughput of existing 802.11 networks, which prepares you for all of those next generation devices that float down the pipeline towards you every six months or so. It has  a sleek yet innocuous modern looking design that blends in seamlessly to whatever environment you place it in. It’s also considerably sustainable, delivering high performance 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) while it decreases waste with multiunit eco-packs and Energy Star power supplies. Bling bling, baby.

So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you treat yourself and your business level network to some ritzy wireless network extension goodness. Order a Cisco Aironet 1141N Access Point today and life the glamorous life already. You’re worth it, and so is the network that your enterprise operates on. Never pretend like it’s not again. Nothing could ever be more important.