Cisco 7921G Standard Power Supply

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The Cisco 7921G Standard Power Supply is, well, pretty standard actually. It can supply power to your desktop charger for Cisco CP-7921G Wireless IP Phone. That comes in handy. Especially if the power is out or something. Or if your office was somehow transported through time and you wound up somewhere in the Middle Ages where there was no electricity and you needed to make a quick phone call to the future. But there probably wouldn’t be any phone service back then, would there? So what would you do in that case?

Perhaps you could write a letter to your colleagues in the future and put it in a time capsule somewhere. Or maybe you could find a sculptor who could help you make a statue or some sort of landmark that would tell your coworkers that you’re stranded back in the past. Either way, the Cisco 7921G Standard Power Supply will keep your Cisco CP-7921G Wireless IP Phone charged so you can at least pretend to talk on the phone in the Middle Ages. But you probably wouldn’t want to do that in public or anything, because you might be accused of being a witch or something. That would suck. But maybe you can use it as a projectile weapon of sorts to throw at anyone who tries to accost your for it. So yeah, buy the Cisco 7921G Standard Power Supply to keep your phone charged. (And try not to travel back in time while you’re at it.