Cisco 7921G Desktop Charging Stand

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$44.99 (was $190.00)

We did have to cut a deal with the Morlocs to procure the CP-DSKCH-7921G-BUN by Cisco. Don't worry - it only cost us a couple of warehouse workers.

As part of a new initiative we've decided to begin sending our products round-trip to one of the Mars colonies to confirm they can make the journey and return safely in New condition (they can!). We had trouble finding volunteers, though, so we had to convince one of our guys he was actually a secret agent on the run and in grave danger. We're sure he'll be totally OK with that once he figures it out.

While the technology employed by this item is decidedly advanced, we can confirm that it was not covertly designed by the Cylons as a backdoor into our global defense systems. If you have any other grave concerns about this item, please let us know.

We're off to count our inventory of Cisco CP-DSKCH-7921G-BUN again. You can never be too accurate! Holler if you need us.