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  • Cisco 6945 IP Phone
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You could say that the Cisco 6945 IP Phone is our hero. It’s helped us out of plenty sticky situations. Like that one time we were being chased by a mummy. That was intense. Or that other time we were stuck on a haunted roller coaster with a ghost who sounded a lot like Carol Channing. Or the other time we were forced to fight in a deadly tournament of mortal combat to save every living soul in the world. Phew. We’ll never forget how the Cisco 6945 IP Phone got us out of that one.

Besides that, what we really like about the Cisco 6945 IP Phone is that it meets all of our video and voice communication needs. It offers gigabit Ethernet and wideband audio capabilities that can revolutionize your conferencing experience. And that integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch it has – wow. It comes with the Cisco Unified Video Advantage 2.2 and the VTIII Camera to enhance communications as well, so let’s just say you’re well taken care of in that department.

But we’ll always remember the Cisco 6945 IP Phone as the only one who could stop that one evil crazy criminal that dressed like a clown (what was his name again?) from destroying our fair city. It took a lot of guts to stand up to that guy. But the Cisco 6945 IP Phone had ‘em. You know what else it has? Buttons. (Or keys, whichever you prefer.) They’re what you can make phone calls with. There’s even a few that toggle between the Directory, Settings, Transfer, Conference, Hold, and Messages features. In that regard, the Cisco 6945 IP Phone is as convenient as it is valiant and heroic. It connects while it defends. What more can you ask for in a landline telephone?