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Let’s get one thing straight: the CISCO 585 LRE 4PT ( CISCO585-LRE ) is not a musical instrument. We don’t know where this urban legend came from, but it is not a makeshift harmonic in disguise, nor was it intended to be. To be honest, we really wish it was, because we like harmonicas a lot and we think it would be neat to have a catalyst ethernet switch that also doubles as a free reed instrument. We’d be whippin’ that puppy out from time to time and bust out some Blues Traveler covers. But we’re glad that we can’t, because that would be really distracting and also it would totally interrupt the data flow of our enterprise-level network. So, cool prospective feature but not entirely useful.

What the CISCO 585 LRE 4PT ( CISCO585-LRE ) can do is help extend intelligent services over existing phone wiring to distances up to 5000 feet, dramatically expanding the reach of Ethernet using Category 1/2/3 wiring at speeds from 2 to 15 Mbps symmetric. That’s kind of a big deal to us here at Newfangled Networks. We take network extending very seriously in these parts. That’s one of the reasons why we’re here today, telling you about the real, true purpose of the  CISCO 585 LRE 4PT ( CISCO585-LRE ) and dispeling wild rumors about it turning into a harmonica. Again, while we are intrigued by the idea, we recognize that it’s ultimately not pragmatic and we should all just move on already.

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