Cisco 521G Unified IP Phone

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Hark! That sound you hear is the Cisco 521G Unified IP Phone beckoning, enticing you to speak your hot breath upon its state-of- the-art yet traditional receiver in voice to voice conversations that are decidedly work appropriate. Yes, the power of the VoIP is thine when you doth order your own Cisco 521G Unified IP Phone to do thy vocal chord’s biddings.

But seriously, folks, this here IP phone is one tough little sucker. Yes sirree. It’s a single-line IP phone that’s got two call line appearances and one-touch access to high falootin’ features such as redial, transfer, conference, and hold or resume. You can use this little doggie at lobbies, laboratories, cubicles, work stations, gas stations, space stations, radio stations, station wagon dealerships, and saloons. When you buy a Cisco 521G Unified IP Phone for your somewhat okay corral, you’ll be one happy pilgrim.

So, like, what do you say? You want one of these Cisco 521G Unified IP Phones or not? I think it would look good on you. Especially on your desk over there. I can see you using that phone to death, pressing its buttons in and looking fabulous while you do it. You’ve got the gift of gab, sweetie, so start using it! The Cisco 521G Unified IP Phone will bring the talker out in you. (We're trying to think of other voices/characters we can come up with to make you want to buy this phone, but we're coming up short now. Just imagine we kept going on a roll before you click the add to cart button. Thanks!)