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The Avaya 9610 IP Telephone (700383912) is pretty straightforward. What you see is what you get. It’s an IP phone that you’ll find in offices, lobbies, shops, businesses, submarines, castles, submarine castles, and quite possibly your local DMV. It has a 3.33 inch monochrome backlit display, 4 way navigation cluster buttons, 2 display soft keys, volume control, and H.323 firmware. What we’re trying to tell you here is, it’s a telephone.

But if you act now, we’ll give you a secret numerical code you can enter in on the keypad you can use to do something really cool: summon an army of frogs to invade your workplace!

Come on. You know you want to. We know it sounds like it would be unsanitary, if not a bit on the slimy side. But we think have a bunch of frogs show up at the office would be funny and make for some legendary YouTube material. But hey, what do we know. We’re a bit on the mischievous side here at Newfangled Networks, so this feature has a lot of appeal to us. If you’re more on the straightlaced side and would rather stick to using the Avaya 9610 IP Telephone (700383912) as a phone, that’s your prerogative.

Either way, go ahead and order a Avaya 9610 IP Telephone (700383912) today if you need to make a phone call to someone or unleash a plague-sized amount of frogs in a jiffy! Trust us, you will be happy with it no matter what you decide to do.