APC Notebook Surge Arrest Protector (PNOTE1) - New

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The PNote1 by APC is here with us. We've kept it secret, kept it safe.

Recently our support team has been getting calls from this Austrian fellow. Each time he asks us if this item is new - we tell him it is. He then immediately asks to speak with Mr. Connor - we tell him John doesn't work here anymore. He then hangs up stating that he'll be back. Weirdo.

You'd like to know the meaning of life, the universe, and everything? No, I'm afraid we're just as lost as you on that one. But we do know an awful lot about this particular item - ask us anything.

We'll be here preparing for our next intergalactic product sourcing expedition if you need us - gotta keep the shelves stocked with lots of APC PNote1. Feel free to browse!