Ant 4.9Ghz-5.8 Ghz 8.0 Dbi Omni With By Cisco Systems - New

Ant 4.9Ghz-5.8 Ghz 8.0 Dbi Omni With By Cisco Systems Loading...
$159.95 (was $249.00)


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The AIR-ANT5180V-N= by Cisco was hard to come by - but we have it! We just narrowly escaped an attempt by the Mangalores to commandeer our ship and steal our cargo. With a little help from Corban, of course - not your typical cab driver, that's for sure!

Reports that this item belonged formerly to a Mr. Wiggin are patently false (It's New). It is theoretically possible, however, that he designed it off-world some time in the far distant future and beamed the schematics back through time (and space) via tachyon transmission. Unlikely - yes, but *possible*.

We're sure you have some burning questions - I know we do. Like what is *really* beyond The Wall? Ask quickly! Winter is coming.

We'll be here preparing for our next intergalactic product sourcing expedition if you need us - gotta keep the shelves stocked with lots of Cisco AIR-ANT5180V-N=. Feel free to browse!