The Cisco Power Injector for AP1142/1252 (AIR-PWRINJ4) is a power injector for the Cisco Wireless Access Point models 1142 and 1252. It does what it is purported to do - inject (i.e. supply) to those appliances. We recommend it for that use, and that’s why we’re describing it to you right now.

But there’s another reason why we think the Cisco Power Injector for AP1142/1252 (AIR-PWRINJ4) is remarkable.

It wards off the dreaded zucchini elves.

“What are zucchini elves?” you ask. Good question. They’re these little gremlins that crawl out of your veggie crisper to eat you while you sleep at night, nibble by nibble, over a long period of time. They don’t think twice about it either, but they try their hardest to not leave any trail of their existence left so we’re glad you stumbled upon this product description. This message was written to tell you to wake up and smell the zucchini because something is rotten in the produce section. You don’t have to be eaten alive by tiny leprechaun like beings while you slumber! You can do something about it now while you have the chance! What will you do? Lose yourself to the zucchini elves? Or will you take a stand for yourself once and for all?

If you own a Cisco Power Injector for AP1142/1252 (AIR-PWRINJ4) today, you’ll not only be keeping your enterprise class wireless network powered and extended, you’ll be protecting yourself from the legions of tiny little creatures that threaten to devour you slowly. Doesn’t sound fun, does it? Order one now! Do it! Hurry, before it's too late!