7841 IP Phone - Cable - Wall Mountable

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The Cisco 7841 IP Phone wanted to be a fog machine when it grew up, but it became a telephone instead.  Why? Because fog machine school is pricey. Also, because it realized that it had a burning desire to communicate. Being a fog machine is a solitary lifestyle. You don’t get to listen in on any conversations directly or be constantly touched and utilized throughout the day. Fog machines are usually hands-off and non-committal. But that’s from our experience. IP phones, on the other hand, need attention. So we think the Cisco 7841 IP Phone made the right decision, because now it’s one of the most cost-effective wall mountable IP phones that we have in stock.

Who needs fog machines anyway? Besides bars, nightclubs, concert venues, music acts, theme parks...yeah. Guess who needs IP phones? Everybody. Especially businesses that have enterprise class networks like yours. Can’t you just picture the Cisco 7841 IP Phone sitting patiently on your office desk in front of you, waiting to be dialed on? We can. We’re comforted by the thought.

It’s true: we heart the Cisco 7841 IP Phone and accept it as it is. It’s much more ergonomic than some contraption that pumps out fake smoke for the sake of atmosphere. Well, that’s our opinion anyway. To each their own and all that. We can’t picture you having one in your cubicle anyway. It would get too distracting and it would probably be a fire hazard. The Cisco 7841 IP Phone will not be. It will be PoE (Power over Ethernet) capable, though. We hope that’s cool.